Using the TauDAC with RuneAudio

At the time of writing, the official RuneAudio release for the Raspberry Pi model B is v0.3-beta (23/03/2016). This version is based on Linux kernel 4.1.20 which is quite old now. The TauDAC driver requires at least Linux kernel 4.4. As of January 2018, the latest TauDAC driver release is 2.2.2 which requires Linux kernel 4.9. To use the TauDAC with RuneAudio, you will need to get the latest RuneAudio v0.4-beta release and to upgrade its kernel, as described below.

  1. Download the latest RuneAudio image from Franks Google Drive and flash it on a sd-card. See this thread on the RuneAudio forum for details.
  2. Login to your Raspberry Pi via ssh (user: root, hostname: runeaudio, password: rune).
  3. Update kernel, firmware and bootloader:
    pacman -Sy --force raspberrypi-firmware raspberrypi-bootloader linux-raspberrypi
  4. Download the TauDAC driver package:
  5. Install the TauDAC driver:
    pacman -U rune-4.9.73-taudac-2.2.2-2-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz
  6. Reboot the Raspberry Pi:
  7. Navigate to runeaudio.local, go to MENUMPD. Select ‘TauDAC – DM101‘ as Audio output interface. Set Volume control to ‘disabled‘ and the Startup volume to -1. Finally, click SAVE AND APPLY.
    Screenshot: RuneAudio TauDAC Configuration
  8. Done, enjoy your music!