Installing TauDAC drivers for Volumio 2.526

Volumio version 2.526 comes with linux kernel 4.14.92. Unfortunately, I did not managed to provide the TauDAC drivers for this kernel before this Volumio version was released. Hence, the TauDAC is not going to work with Volumio version 2.526. But this can be fixed easily:

  1. Login to your Raspberry Pi.
  2. Change to the root directory:
    cd /
  3. Download the TauDAC kernel modules archive:
    sudo wget
  4. Extract the archive / Install the modules:
    sudo tar -h --strip-components 1 --exclude *.hash -xf rpi-volumio-4.14.92-taudac-modules.tar.gz
  5. Optionally, remove the archive:
    sudo rm rpi-volumio-4.14.92-taudac-modules.tar.gz
  6. Finalize the installation:
    sudo depmod
  7. Reboot:
    sudo reboot
  8. Done, the TauDAC drivers should be installed now. You can double check it with:
    aplay -l